How to Protect Your Facebook Account from Phishing

Facebook accounts are being hacked by phishers

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Various men and women are hacking Facebook

We’ve all heard about it: phishing. It’s a term that has been brandished about for as long as there are places to enter ad accounts to access.

And at one point or another, we’ve been targeted by a phishing scam. How many times have you received an email that looks legit but seems slightly off? It’s that one email that looks exactly like the Yahoo, Google or Facebook page. And it’s asking for you to log in for whatever reason by clicking the link on the email body. Except that’s not the usual web address you use to access any of those pages, is it? Most of the time, it doesn’t even have the name of the supposed website you’re accessing on the url listed on the email at all.

With the popularity of social networking in general, and Facebook in particular, hackers have taken to copying the Facebook page in an attempt to gain access to the accounts of the over 1 billion people who are members of the social media behemoth. Hackers will often hold the advantage in terms of hacking Facebook accounts and although Facebook is doing their very best they are really trying in vain. And why not? Facebook is a veritable goodie bag of information.

People share everything on their FB account

People will share everything on Facebook. They’d post updates with birthdays, anniversaries, names of kids, relatives and pets, schedule school reunions and vacations and announce job promotions, among others. You can know anything you want to know by simply going through a person’s timeline. That’s a gold mine for people in the business of stealing identities and financial information.

And sure, phishing is a little bit more difficult than other hacks. But it is also the most common method to hack into someone’s account.

There are many different types of phishing. The most popular one, however, involves the creation of a fake login page. Like previously mentioned, the page will be sent through the victim’s email. It will look exactly how the Facebook login page should look. But once the victim logs in, the info is sent to the hacker and not to Facebook.

This is not easy. The hacker would have to create a web hosting account a fake login page to get it to work. But that doesn’t mean it’s enough to stop them. In fact, there are many guides on the internet that would teach anyone how to clone websites. From there, it’s a simple matter of submitting forms to copy, store or email the login information the victim enters.

So how can you protect yourself from a phishing hack?

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1. DO NOT click links on emails. If you’re being told to login to Facebook using a link, check the url first. If it doesn’t say Facebook or doesn’t look like the usual url you use to log in, then ignore it. Just go directly to the Facebook website instead of clicking on the link.

2. DO NOT click suspicious-looking pop ups and links. Phishing is most commonly done through email. But they can also be done through any website, chat room or even text message. If you’re online and an ad comes up, it could very well be malicious. Resist the urge to click on it.

3. DO NOT scrimp on antivirus software. Anti-virus and web security software can go a long way into weeding out malware from your computer. Invest in a good brand like Norton or McAfee.

To sum it all up

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Facebook is very tempting to hackers. Many people don’t hold back on the stuff they share on there, thinking that it’s safe and secure. And while Facebook has gone to great lengths to ensure account security, many enterprising hackers continuously find ways to find loopholes and work around existing security features. Do not make it easy on them. Learn how to protect your account by following these simple steps. You won’t regret it.

Top 5 Tips To Protect Your Facebook From Hackers

Whether you are a veteran of Facebook, or a newbie, you have probably invested a lot of valuable time in completing your Facebook page and customizing it. You have put a lot of personal information on Facebook so that it could do its job, which is to connect you to people from the past and present, and possibly even new people. But what if all that personal information was stolen?

Hackers are very good at their job. They hack into people’s personal accounts and steal their information. Even if a hacker hacks your Facebook page, using an online Facebook password hacker such as BluePortal, to simply use it as their own, it is still an invasion of privacy. So how do you protect your Facebook account from hackers? Here are the top five tips to protecting your Facebook account from hackers.

Make Sure You Use An Unused, Complex Password That You Change Often

This may possibly be the most important tip on this whole list. Your password is the key to entering your Facebook account. Once hackers know your password they can hack into your Facebook, and possibly hack into other accounts.

Make sure you use a password for your Facebook account that you don’t use for any other account. Also make sure that you use a strong password that includes letters and numbers that you can easily remember, but that a hacker would have to try harder to crack. You should change your password at least once every couple of months as another safety measure against hackers.

Research the Third Party Apps You Use

Before you allow any third-party apps to open on your Facebook page, you need to know all the information that the app has access to. You want to make sure that you are allowing a legitimate development company access to your Facebook page. Make sure the app that you are using doesn’t ask for more information than it needs or more accessible than it needs. “Spammy” apps are apps that give you a limited amount of benefits and functionality, but ask or a lot of information and access like the ability to post to your wall.

Setup Security Settings

You should enable such security measures like secure browsing and login notifications. Another beneficial security setting is logging approvals. Login approvals will send a text message to your phone with a code that you will have to use to log in to your account if you are trying to access it from an unrecognized location. Login approvals can warn you when someone is trying to login to your account is they are in an unrecognized location.

Only Access Your Facebook Account Through Secured Devices

When you log into your Facebook account, make sure you are using a device that has some sort of antivirus software. This can simply be by setting security settings for your cell phone’s browser, or making sure you computer has anti-virus software.

LOG OUT Of Your Account!!!

This is just as important as tip number one. It may seem like an obvious thing to do to protect your Facebook page, but you would be surprised by how many people exit of an internet browser without logging out. This is especially important if you are using a friend’s device or a public computer like at the library.